Chapter 2


We’ve collected data on 12 languages — Kotlin, Scala, Clojure, Erlang, Swift, Elixir, Haskell, Rust, OCaml, Elm, PureScript, and Idris — from the functional programming family based on keywords, topics, hashtags, and @mentions across blogs, news sites, and social networks.

We analyzed 123084 mentions concerning these languages to find out which of the functional programming languages are loved by people, in other words, which have the most positive sentiment among all of the languages we analyzed and which have the most negative sentiment.

Specifically, we looked at the percent of positive sentiment, and negative sentiment. Using data from Brand24, we…

In the Stack overflow 2020 survey, Rust was picked as #1 most loved programming language, thanks to 86% of developers who said they would continue using it. For the language creators, this is nothing new — Rust has been winning the survey ever since 2016. On Tiobe Index, Rust is rising in popularity as well — achieving #18 positions among the most popular languages in September. It also didn’t fail in our own ranking of functional programming languages based on sentiment analysis gaining first place in the most positive sentiment class.

Created by former Mozilla developer Graydon Hoare in 2006…


Part 1

If you’ve been asking yourself a few times now: “how does Bitcoin work?” you’re in the right place.

Bitcoin has always been present in the media — both traditional and social ones — but recent significant increases in its price, as well as the much-discussed public debut of Coinbase in April, made the digital cryptocurrency gain much more attention than ever before.


Part 4

Who stands to benefit from the tokenization of art, and why aren’t traditional artists the only ones to do so?

Read also:

Kevin Abosch, a conceptual artist known, among other things, for successfully selling a picture of potato, has been selling his virtual art since early 2018. At some point he discovered with a surprise that buyers were willing to pay for something that was essentially a string of code. …


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