Companies are increasingly choosing business tokenization as a solution because it offers new possibilities for emerging trends. Investing in tokenization can not only increase cash flow for a business but might also be a way to simplify many processes through automation, including acquiring new assets. A lack of central management, transparency, and inability to manipulate data may encourage you to investigate this technology and look for it could possibly be used in your business. Here we’ll explain what tokenization really is and what some of its advantages are, as well as types of tokens and industries that use them.

What is tokenization?


Start with “why”

We exist to help companies develop amazing IT products.

To develop incredible products that are future-proof, stable, fast, and scalable, companies need great teams to do the job. Finding the right people to develop good software is challenging. Recruit IT professionals. Preferably — the best ones. This is where Scalac comes in, with all our experience in hiring, managing, growing, and keeping the best engineers. We can deliver you, developers, in a Team Extension model, or we can offer you whole teams that will execute and deliver your project for you. …

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. A big part of online shops are created with it. Still, most eCommerce journeys start with WooCommerce, and then, at some point, the need to change arises. And very often, Shopify is the one to switch to. Today, we’ll explain how we succeed in migrating from WooCommerce to Shopify. We’ll cover:

  1. What issues the client had with existing software?
  2. Why have they decided to change the solution and migrate everything to Shopify?
  3. What were the client’s goals?

Our client goals

Our client had an eCommerce platform built-in WordPress & WooCommerce when we started our…

You come across the term technical debt, read a little about this matter, know everything in theory, and you’re still not sure how to correctly identify whether some kind of design flaws are actually technical debt or not.

We have a solution that can help you with this issue — Technical Debt Quadrants. This method of identifying technical debt is becoming increasingly popular because of its unique approach. Instead of focusing on whether the problem is real or not, it recognizes a type of technical debt.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about Technical Debt Quadrants’ concept…

The article is around 25 pages (30 min) long so if you would rather read it offline — on your kindle or elsewhere — here is the PDF version

[PDF] Introduction to Programming With ZIO Functional Effects

El artículo también está disponible en español.



The functional programming paradigm is often avoided by developers around the world, who prefer to continue developing applications using an object-oriented programming paradigm, which is better known and more widely used. This rejection of functional programming happens either due to a simple lack of knowledge or because developers tend to think that it…

CTO’s Guidebook

Nowadays, with technology advancing at a fast rate, technical debt occurs more frequently. Yet many companies may still be unaware of it.

And it’s not too much of a stretch to say that the majority of people working with technology on a daily basis have encountered, dealt with, and incurred such debt.

That is not a thing to ignore, either.

The cost of technical debt management in large companies can reach up to 25% of the whole development time , so it’s not a minor issue for these organizations.

When working with technology, you have to face the fact that…

Case Study

Any business that is growing will, at some point, face scalability issues. Not only does that refer to business challenges, but also technical ones. More clients, processes, and therefore data mean a necessity to adjust online products to this greater volume.

From Scalac ‘s experience, introducing such crucial technical changes in data engineering requires smart choices and analysis of processes. We should keep in mind that any new options should provide us with scalability, quality, and performance.

For those three reasons, many known companies opt for Scala programming. This language is dedicated especially to complex workflows. …

CTO’s Guidebook

When you have a lot of tasks to accomplish, you may either go through your to-do list until they are all completed or get some of them done and move others to a later day or week. And that’s usually harmless. But sometimes more and more tasks pile up, making it impossible to accomplish them in a timely manner. That’s exactly how technical debt works. Today, we’re going to cover this topic in detail, highlighting the challenges and characteristics of technical debt for each and every company.

What is technical debt

First things first, let’s start with the definition. Technical debt, also called design…

Developer’s kit

Application architecture is shifting from monolithic enterprise systems to more robust, resilient, flexible, and scalable event-driven approaches. Microservices architecture that applies reactive principles is the best way to develop modern systems more efficiently, but traditional approaches for communicating between them are still through their REST APIs.

However, as your system evolves and the number of microservices grows, communication becomes more and more complex, and the architecture might start to resemble spaghetti code, with services dependent on each other or tightly coupled, slowing down development teams. …

What’s Scala 3?

Scala 3 is the new major version of the Scala programming language. It’s the result of years of research, development, and collaboration between companies and organizations that are coordinating the development of Scala with the help of many other individuals and organizations that are investing their free time to make it happen. This joint effort has brought us the most prominent changes in the language.

What motivated the coming of this new version was: a connection to the essence of Scala (namely DOT calculus — the reason why Scala 3 started as Dotty); an increase in productivity and predictability, making…


Scalac is a web & software development company with 122 people including Backend, Frontend, DevOps, Machine Learning, Data Engineers, QA’s and UX/UI designers

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